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2019 seminars
Date: Saturday, september 1, 2018
Time: 3:15 - 5:45 pm
Price: Complimentary access with purchase of BrewHaHa Grand Tasting ticket
Location: Moody Garden Convention Center


Jon Denman
Drink of Ages Radio
Houston, TX
Chad PIlbeam
Founder, Beer Logic
Host, What's On Tap Radio
Houston, TX
Tiffany Richie
Brew:30 Taphouse
Cypress, TX
James Simpson
Host, What's On Tap Radio
Houston, TX

2019 Beer University Seminar Stage

3:15 pm  10 Years of Beer Evolution

3:15 pm 10 Years of Beer Evolution

Craft beer styles have evolved over the past 10 years. Join beer Gurus and Hosts of What’s On Tap Radio, industry veterans, James Simpson and Chad Pilbeam to learn more about how craft beer has evolved and changed. A few unusual tasting samples will be provided during the seminar. Sip & Learn.

What's on Tap Radio is a radio show about beer and the culture around it. Heard 3-5p KPRC AM 950 & I heart Radio. Hosted by Beer Guru James Simpson and the Beer Logic Chad Pilbeam. James & Chad will take their show from the studio and perform it live at BrewMasters, interviewing brew masters and testing their expertise with the show staple, "3 Blind Beers." You can join in the fun as James & Chad will turn to the audience for participation and beer related questions for prizes.

What’s on Tap Radio was awarded 3rd place in the North American Guild of Beer Writers awards in the Podcast/Broadcast category at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.
4:30 pm To Age or Not to Age

4:30 pm To Age or Not to Age

Learn more about what it takes to craft your own cellar full of cellar-worthy brews. Tiffany Richie of Brew:30 Taphouse will guide you through the do’s and dont's of how to create the ideal cellaring environment. You'll find things you didn't know and impress your fellow beer lovers.

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator
Real Ale 2009 Sysiphus
5:15 pm Cookies, Baby Cakes & Craft Beer -- Who Knew?

5:15 pm Cookies, Baby Cakes & Craft Beer -- Who Knew?

Craft beer and dessert? Taste how craft beer’s complex flavor profiles make the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cookie break. B-52's Brewmasters Justin Slanina and Marin Slanina, General Manager, will show you how it works. Dare to dunk.

Drink of Ages Brewer’s Corner

Join Jon Denman, host of Drink of Ages radio as he hosts brew brains throughout the day.

3:45 PM Join Jon and his special guest, Vince Beard, the owner and founder of Fredonia Brewing for an up close and personal conversation about craft beer.
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